Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Pre-Admissions Conference Spring 2015

Please view the following video presentation of the PAC for spring 2015 admissions, and follow the instructions as laid out in the video.


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

PAX-RN Dates

PAX-RN dates are now on the NLN website.  Test dates start in August, 2014.

You must be a HCC student to take the exam at HCC.  And you must be able to login to the computers on campus.  No exceptions!

No calculators can be used.

Seats are limited and dates will fill quickly.

To register and pay, go to www.nlnonlinetesting.org.

If you have questions or need more information, please contact Tara Rascoe at (270)707-3745.

Nursing Pre-Admission Conference

Nursing Pre-Admission Conference for Spring 2015 Admission Cycle

Live Conferences will be held on September 5, 2014. Come get your questions answered and complete your application for the HCC Associate Degree Nursing Program selective admission process.
  • 10:00AM at Fort Campbell Education Center on post or
  • 1:00PM at Hopkinsville campus TC 215
No registration needed.  Bring a pen/pencil with you.  No need to bring anything else.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Fall 2015 Admission Cycle changes

Fall 2015 admission cycle changes (pending approval by the KCTCS Rules committee and Senate):

*Minimum acceptable ACT composite requirement will be 20

*SAT equivalent scores will be considered

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pre-Admission Conference (PAC) and PAX info

Attending a Pre-Admission Conference (PAC) is required to apply to HCC's Nursing programs. At the conference, applicants will hear from Peggy Bozarth, Director of Nursing, and have a Q & A time. The nursing application is completed at the PAC which will initiate a file in the Nursing Department.

If you are not able to attend a PAC for the admission cycle, check back to this blog for a link to an online PAC.

PAC and PAX dates are announced here on the blog.
Please remember, attendance to a PAC will activate the applicants file for the current admission cycle only.

Fall PAX and PAC dates are posted each year in January.
Spring PAX and PAC dates are posted each year in June.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Need CPR certification or renewal?

American Heart Association
BLS for Healthcare Provider
Certification or renewal
Contact Veronica Tolbert at (270)707-3858 or veronica.tolbert@kctcs.edu

Friday, August 31, 2012

Two New Programs Being Offered

News Release - 8/7/2012

HCC is offering two new degree programs, Associate in Applied Science (AAS) in Health Science Technology and Associate in Applied Science in Medical Information Technology. 

The AAS in health science technology (HST) is designed to prepare students for entry-level career opportunities in the field of healthcare and health-related services. Graduates will gain marketable skill set for direct care services as well as the foundation needed to understand current health care delivery. Many of the general education and core courses are required for completion of varied professional health programs. These include diagnostic medical sonography, medical assisting, nursing, physical therapy assistant, radiography, respiratory care, and surgical technology. The HST program also provides a smooth transition to an allied health or nursing program for students that select to expand upon their education. A certificate for pharmacy technician is also available under this program.

HST graduates could be employed in hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices, health departments, assisted living, skilled nursing and other healthcare facilities. Careers include medical and clinical laboratory technicians, Medicaid nurse aid, advanced nurse aid, phlebotomist and pharmacy technicians. According to the Kentucky Occupational Outlook to 2018, average annual wages for health science technology professionals range from $22,400 to $27,500.  The AAS in medical information technology (MIT) is designed to prepare students for careers such as medical secretary, medical transcriptionist, medical coding specialist, medical office manager, and medical receptionist or hospital admission specialist. According to the Kentucky Occupational Outlook to 2018, average annual wages in the medical information technology professionals range from $26,000 to $31,700.

The MIT program offers tracks in medical coding, electronic medical records and medical office management. Certificates are available for medical unit coordinator, hospital admissions specialist, medical receptionist, medical coding and electronic medical records. Also, a diploma is available for medical records specialist.

Those interested in the HST program can contact Beth Beverly at (270) 707-3869 for additional information. For more information about the MIT program, contact Bob Smith at (270) 707-3892.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Nursing Assistant I (NAA100)

Our Nursing Assistant I (NAA100) course is offered each semester at the HPC and FTC campus.  Registration for the course is completed with the Admissions Office. 

NAA100 is also offered online through KCTCS Learn on Demand.  This is a self-paced program and the student picks the start date.  The lecture portion is online.  The student attends a two and a half day lab component and a two day clinical component with Brenda Hickland.

If you are interested in the Learn on Demand course, please contact one of the ladies below for advisement and a permission code:

Brenda Hickland, Learn on Demand NAA100 Team Leader, by email at Bhickland0001@kctcs.edu; by phone at 270-707-3851 (office).
Veronica Tolbert, NAA100 Division Assistant, by email at vtolbert0002@kctcs.edu; by phone at 270-707-3858 (office).  Veronica is in the office each day from 8am to 11am.

For more information about the Learn on Demand NAA100 course, please click on the link below:

24/7 KCTCS Online Student Services Help Desk 1-866-321-7406

Course requirements (more information will be given by course instructor):
 * American Red Cross or American Heart Association CPR for the Professional Rescuer
 * Hep. B shot series or titer within last 10 years
 * TB skin test results within last year
 * Criminal background check and Kentucky Elder Abuse Registry check

Thursday, August 2, 2012

RN Pre-requisite Deadlines

You may be admitted to the program before completing the following pre-requisite classes and having active status on a state nurse aide registry. However, before enrolling in the NSG101 course the following must be successfully completed:


q  Completion of the following prerequisites or equivalent courses transferred from another college:

·         BIO137 (Anatomy & Physiology I)
·         PSY110 (General Psychology)
·         MAT150 or MAT110 (College Algebra or Applied Math)
·         Digital literacy must be demonstrated by competency exam or successfully completing a digital literacy course.

·         Student must earn a minimum of a “C” in all science, math, and nursing courses to progress in the program.

q  Proof of active status on a state Nurse Aide Registry 

The nursing admission criteria that must be completed by October 30 for the spring admission cycle and May 15 for fall admission cycle is below:
q  Pre-admission Conference: Live or online (coming soon)
q  Minimum acceptable score is a composite of 19.  NOTE: For the fall 2015 admission cycle, the minimum ACT composite requirement will be 20 or SAT equivalent.
q  PAX-RN percentile score of 70 or higher
q  Submitted high school or GED transcript to Admissions/Records Office

Kentucky Nurse Aide Testing

After successful completion of the Nursing Assistant I course (NAA100), students are eligible to take the Kentucky Nurse Aide exam.  The state competency exam is offered on the Hopkinsville campus.  Contact Veronica Tolbert at (270)707-3860 to schedule a testing appointment.

Students have one year from the last day of the course to take the state competency exam.  It may take up to 30 days for state exam results to be posted on the Kentucky Nurse Aide Registry.